Appalachian Natural Gas Company

In the event of an emergency please call our emergency service available 24 hours a day. 866-261-5525.

Did You Know…

Natural Gas is Safe, Efficient, Dependable, Clean and Affordable?

Gas remains the best home-energy value. Natural gas has been used to heat American homes and to generate power for years. Overall, 60 million American homes have natural gas service.

Natural gas will cost less to use this year than other major home energy services, and the yellow Energy Guide labels on many new appliances will reflect this cost information, according to US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

Our emergency service line is available 24 hours a day at 866-261-5525.


Appalachian Natural Gas Company

Appalachian Natural Gas Distribution Company Service Areas

Serving Buchanan, Carroll, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Tazewell and Wise Counties in Southwest Virginia.