Customer Care

Please call 866-261-5525 any time you think that you smell gas.

A customer service representative is always available to take your call and advise you of safety procedures. A qualified service technician will be dispatched to investigate and assure your safety.

Budget Billing Program

Manage your natural gas costs more effectively by enrolling in our Budget Billing Program. This is an equal payment plan based on the annual consumption of the previous budget year (July – June). You have the assurance of knowing what your monthly bill is by spreading the annual cost of your natural gas utilities into equal payments.

It’s simple and easy to enroll. Call our Customer Service Call Center at (304) 325-9165 and tell the representative that you want to enroll in our Budget Billing Plan. The representative will calculate your budget amount for you and give you the monthly payment amount. Our Customer Service representatives can also answer any questions you may have regarding this program.

You may also submit an online request to enroll at any time during the year. However, for the lowest monthly payment, enroll during our July Budget enrollment period.

Automatic Bank Draft Program

RGC Resources and its affiliates now offer Automatic Bank Drafting of your monthly bill. This service is offered to our customers as a quick and convenient way to make their monthly payment. Customers using this service do not have to write a monthly check or visit our office to make their payment.

The program works like this. On the last pay date (“due date”) of your bill, the amount of your bill or the monthly budget payment will automatically be deducted from your bank account. You still receive a monthly statement. (Please note that if sufficient funds are not in your account on the date you account is drafted, you will be subject to a returned check/draft fee.)

Contact our Customer Service Call Center at (304) 325-9165 or contact us online for an authorization form. Complete the required information and return the form with a check or deposit slip (for savings accounts) marked void to our office.

You will continue to make your payment as usual until the following message is printed on your bill:

“The amount due will be transferred from your bank account. ***PLEASE DO NOT PAY***